Patrick Rodacker

Senior Web Developer

About me

I have started working with web technologies back in 2001 and have developed a huge amount of skills realising projects for own customers and working for different companies as freelancer.

I am a certified TYPO3 CMS Integrator, a TYPO3 CMS book author, loving father & husband and I am running an alaskan husky sleddog kennel together with my wife Nadia - Kennel Lumi.


I have studied computer science and finished my studies in 2010 wit a masters degree (" Diplom-Informatiker") at the University of Bremen.

My major subjects where Logic, Database Management Systems, IT Management and Web Development.

In my master thesis I was examining the navigation in a three dimensional application - a kind of 3D browser - on a Multi-Touch-Table.

Professional background

From the beginning of my studies I always worked as a student worker. In the start I gained some good experience working for a Project Management company.

I worked for the editorial office of the University of Bremen and in a research institute developing my first website based on TYPO3 3.4.

After that I got several request to realise TYPO3 based websites for different institutes and departments within the university. This finally led to the start of my own business in the year 2003..

Luleå 2019

Since June 2019 we live 20km outside from the beautiful city of Luleå with our kids Luca and Anouk.

Move 2017

We moved from Arvidsjaur kommun to Dorotea kommun to be closer to a kindergarden for our son Luca.

Settlement 2014

We settled permanently in Sweden and I have opened my Swedish business and started our Kennel Lumi

Travel 2013

We finished our job in Finland and travelled Northern Scandinavia for five months.

Addiction 2011

We got addicted working with sleddogs in Finland.

Educated 2010

Finished my studies as Diplom-Informatiker

Startup 2004

Registered my own business as web developer


Responsive Webdesign, HTML5 & CSS 3, frameworks

Frontend Build Tools

grunt, gulp, webpack, yeoman, npm

Content Management Systems

TYPO3 CMS, Grav, Wordpress


Angular app development, jquery


MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, NoSQL

API Development

RESTful API development with Symfony, documentation

Programming languages

PHP, Javascript

Dev Ops

basic server and hosting environment administration, apache configuration

Source control

Based on git using the gitflow development method and host the project mainly on gitlab.

Project management

git, gitlab, github, bitbucket


Extension development, hosting, documentation, training


theme & plugin development


developing themes & plugins

Tobacco Trail

Website Relaunch

Angio Masterclass

Symfony application

WOA! Brandvertising

Custom One Page site

Kennel Lumi

Website Relaunch

Kiruna Sleddog Tours

Website Relaunch


Symfony application


Custom fullstack development

Clinic RO-9

Website Relaunch

Kiruna Dogsled

Website Relaunch

Lindbergavägen 15
97595 Luleå

Phone: 0046 (0) 70 388 59 92